• Sweet Surprise Chocolate Cake with Macarons

    Indulge in a delightful surprise with our decadent Sweet Surprise Chocolate Cake with Macarons!

    This luxurious cake is a celebration in every bite. Layers of moist chocolate cake are enveloped in rich chocolate frosting, creating a symphony of chocolatey goodness.

    This showstopping cake is perfect for:

    • Birthdays
    • Anniversaries
    • Graduations
    • Valentine’s Day
    • Mother’s Day
    • Or any occasion that deserves a touch of luxury!

    Order your Sweet Surprise Chocolate Cake with Macarons today and surprise your loved ones with a dessert they’ll never forget!


    Sweet Surprise Chocolate Cake with Macarons

  • Sweet Surprise Cake with Donuts and Macarons

    The Sweet Surprise Cake with Donuts and Macarons is a delightful dessert that combines the best of all worlds! It’s a perfect centerpiece for any celebration, or just a fun way to show someone you care.

    On top of this ribbon cake, there’s a surprise waiting! A circle of colorful donuts and macarons are nestled on the top, creating a vibrant and festive look.


    Sweet Surprise Cake with Donuts and Macarons

  • Buttercream Color Pallete Birthday Cake with Cake Topper

    Make a Birthday Splash with a Color Palette Cake and Topper!

    Tired of the same old birthday cake? This vibrant Color Palette Cake with Cake Topper is the perfect way to celebrate your special day in a unique and eye-catching way!

    Cake Magic:

    • A Spectrum of Flavor: Choose a delicious cake flavor as your base, from classic favorites like chocolate or vanilla to something more adventurous like red velvet or lemon.
    • A Canvas of Color: We’ll use a stunning palette of frosting colors to create a beautiful, eye-catching design. You can choose a pre-designed color combination or work with us to create a custom palette that reflects the birthday person’s personality!
    • Frosted Fun: Depending on the chosen color palette, we can incorporate fun techniques like ombre frosting, geometric patterns, or color blocking to make your cake truly stand out.

    The Perfect Finishing Touch:

    • Complementary Topper: Included with your cake is a coordinating cake topper. This can be a simple “Happy Birthday” design, a personalized message, or even a fun, themed topper that reflects the birthday person’s interests.
    • Customization Options: For an extra special touch, consider adding personalized elements like the birthday person’s name or age to the cake itself or the topper.

    This Color Palette Cake with Cake Topper is the perfect way to:

    • Celebrate a birthday with a unique and personalized cake
    • Create a centerpiece that complements your party theme
    • Make a memorable statement for photos

    Let your imagination run wild and create a birthday cake that’s as special as the person you’re celebrating!

  • Blackpink Themed Birthday Cake

    Unleash Your Inner Blackpink with a Showstopping Cake!

    Celebrate your love for Blackpink with a cake that’s as bold and stylish as the girl group themselves! This custom-designed cake is perfect for birthdays, watch parties, or just because you’re a Blink (Blackpink fan).


    • Black and Pink Perfection: We’ll use a stunning combination of black and pink frosting to create a dramatic base for your cake.
    • Blackpink Touches: We use variety of Blackpink-inspired decorations to personalize your cake.
    • Sizes to Fit Your Party: Whether you’re celebrating with a small group or a whole Blinksquad, we have cake sizes to accommodate any party.

    This Blackpink cake is more than just a dessert; it’s a statement piece that will have your fellow Blinks snapping photos and singing along!


    Blackpink Themed Birthday Cake

  • Rs.1,500.00Rs.4,500.00

    Girl Themed Mini Cake

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