Ghee Boondi – 250g Pack


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Here’s what makes Ghee Boondi irresistible:

  • Rich, authentic flavor: Pure ghee infuses the boondi with a deep, nutty aroma and luxurious mouthfeel. Every bite is a celebration of this culinary treasure.
  • Perfectly balanced sweetness: The sugar syrup is delicately crafted, offering just the right amount of sweetness to complement the nutty richness of the boondi without becoming cloying.
  • Delightful textural contrast: The crisp exterior gives way to a soft, melt-in-your-mouth center, creating a playful and addictive textural experience.
  • A taste of tradition: Ghee Boondi is a beloved sweet in India, passed down through generations. Enjoying it is like taking a bite of history and culture.
  • Versatility: While traditionally enjoyed as a dessert, Ghee Boondi can also be incorporated into sweet and savory dishes for added texture and flavor.


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Ghee Boondi - 250g Pack


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