Zumba Dancers Cake


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Celebrate your love of Zumba with this delicious and festive cake! This cake is made with ribbon cake and iced in a vibrant buttercream frosting. It is then decorated with Zumba-themed elements, such as fondant dancers, maracas, stars and musical notes.

In addition to being delicious, lankaeshop cakes are also a great way to add excitement and fun to any birthday party. Your loved one will love seeing their favorite cake, and they will be even more excited to eat it.

Cake Weight 1.5Kg

You can customize this cake with different design or weight. Contact us for more details.


You can personalize the cake with your message.

If you are having a birthday party, you can use the cake as a centerpiece. Surround the cake with other decorations, such as balloons, sweets and chocolates etc.

Be sure to take pictures of the birthday girl and the cake so that they can cherish the memories for years to come.



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Weight 1.5 kg

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