Floating LED Light Candles for Weddings, Birthdays, Party Pool Holiday and Home Decor x 12 pcs


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LED Floating Candles 12 Pcs Pack

Our LED floating candles are good choice for your wedding or any other functions.

More than just candles, they’re an experience:

  • Set the mood for any occasion: Birthdays, weddings, holidays, or simply a relaxing evening – LED floating candles add a touch of magic to every moment.
  • Peace and tranquility: Let the gentle flicker wash away stress and create a haven of serenity in your own home.
  • The perfect gift: Give the gift of ambiance and endless possibilities! LED floating candles are a thoughtful and unique present for any occasion.

Transform your space with the ethereal glow of LED floating light candles!

Imagine a serene ambiance bathed in the gentle flicker of candlelight, without the worry of flames, smoke, or wax drippings. That’s the magic of LED floating light candles – a captivating fusion of modern technology and timeless elegance.

Immerse yourself in the ambiance:

  • Warm, flickering glow: These innovative candles mimic the soft, dancing flame of traditional candles, casting a mesmerizing ambiance that elevates any setting.
  • Safe and worry-free: No more open flames or messy wax! LED candles are perfect for homes with children, pets, or flammable décor.
  • Waterproof design: Let your creativity flow! Float these beauties in bowls, vases, fountains, or even your pool for a touch of aquatic enchantment.

Beyond the sparkle, endless possibilities:

  • Long-lasting illumination: Enjoy hours of warm lighting with long-lasting LED technology. Say goodbye to constantly replacing candles!
  • Versatile décor: Choose from a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to match your mood and aesthetic. Create a romantic oasis, a festive centerpiece, or a calming spa retreat – the possibilities are endless!
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable: Make a conscious choice with energy-efficient LEDs that are kind to the environment.

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Led floating candles

Floating LED Light Candles for Weddings, Birthdays, Party Pool Holiday and Home Decor x 12 pcs


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