Design Master Colortool 12oz(340g) Almond Color Spray


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Design Master Spray – Colortools -12oz (340gm) A fast-drying lacquer-based spray with a transparent satin finish suitable for use on fresh, artificial and dried flowers, as well as other surfaces such as glass, paper, ribbon and wood. Apply multiple coats for more intensive coverage. Layer colours to customize your look. Design Master sprays do not contain CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) propellants and will not harm the ozone layer.

Colour: Almond


Versatile surface colour formulated for the demanding use of professional florists and decorators. Quick drying versatile surface colour.

Color Theory

Color is a dynamic element of design.  It’s active! As each color is defined by its interaction with another.  These interactions convey moods and express feelings creating a language unto itself.  Get to know color with our nifty little peak at the intricacies of color.  While the principles are depicted with floral elements they hold true for any design medium.

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Design Master Colortool 12oz Almond

Design Master Colortool 12oz(340g) Almond Color Spray


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