Atapirikara Challenger Material Aluminium Paththraya


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This product includes following items :

  • Aluminium paththraya
  • Challenger Thanipata Sivura
  • Challenger Depata Sivura
  • Challenger andanakadaya
  • Belt
  • Perahankadaya
  • Dalipihiya
  • Thread
  • Needle

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Atapirikara the eight requisites (attha parikkhàra) are the eight basic necessities that Buddhist monks and nuns are allowed to have as their personal property. They are: (1) an outer robe, (2) an inner robe, (3) a thick double robe for winter, (4) an alms bowl for gathering food, (5) a razor for shaving, (6) a needle and thread, (7) a belt and (8) a water strainer for removing impurities from drinking water.

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Weight 10 kg

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atapirikara challenger material aluminiium paththraya

Atapirikara Challenger Material Aluminium Paththraya


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