• Hisense Deep Freezer 199L – FC26DD4SK



    Export Model Number FC-26DD4SK
    1. Product identification
    Description of appliance ( Double Door, One doo etc) O
    Type Chest Freezer
    2. Aesthetics
    Handle External Handle
    Door design Foaming door
    Available colours White
    3. Basic features
    Voltage / frequency 220~240V / 50Hz
    Gross capacity 200
    Net capacity 199
    Net capacity fridge compartment /
    Net capacity freezer compartment 199
    Energy efficiency class A+
    Climate class (SN=10~32°C, N=16~32°C, ST=18~38°C, T=18~43°C) SN~T
    Energy consumption (EN153) per 24 h kWh/24 h kWh/24 h 0.605
    Energy consumption / year kWh/year kWh/year 221
    Kind of coolant / Charge (R134a/R600a) / grammes R / g R / g R600a/52g
    Freezer compartment star rating 4 Star
    Freezing capacity / 24 hours kg/24 h kg/24 h 15
    Max noise level dB(A) dB(A) 40
    Max storage time by power failure Freezer h h 34
    Foaming components (R141b / C-P) PU/ PU/ C-P
    power input &current 120W/0.8A
    Certifications ( CE / ISO 9001/2 / LGA etc.) CE/CB/GS
    4. Key features
    Defrosting Fridge / Freezer (M=manual A=automatic) M
    Control system (E = Electronic / M = Mechanical/C=Computer) M
    NO FROST (Fridge/Freezer) No
    Wind Air System (Active Cooling / fridge only) No
    Lenght of cable/incl. plug cm cm 150
    5. Product dimensions & loadability
    Unit dimensions with-out handle ( W / D / H) mm mm 802*559*854
    Packing dimensions ( W / D / H) mm mm 833*575*890
    Net weight kg kg 30
    Gross weight kg kg 32
    40 ‘ HC Container load pcs pcs 155 with handle 169 without handle
    6. Logistic / recycling information
    Packing weight kg kg 2.7
    Packing materials / Recycling symbols (RS) RS RS /
    carton weight(double-wawe) g g 2.16
    EPS weight g g 355.5
    plastic bag weight (PE) g g 79
    strap weight (PP) g g 14.8
    tape weight (PP) g g 11
    tape weight (PET) g g 7
    staple weight (steel) g g 6.8

    Hisense Deep Freezer 199L – FC26DD4SK

  • Abans Chest Freezer (400L) – AFC 400AEL

    Product Description

    A chest freezer is an appliance shaped like a large box (or chest) with a hinged lid that opens upward. Most models are rectangular in shape although some compact models can be shaped more like a cube. It is a standalone appliance separate from your standard upright freezer or fridge freezer in your kitchen. You can efficiently stack packages of meat, veggies, whole turkeys, poultry and other bulky items that do not fit in your smaller freezer. A chest freezer is commonly used to store large quantities of food away from your main kitchen area, usually in a garage, basement or utility room. Chest freezers are popular for busy families that may have their own vegetable patch or small farm. If you purchase bulk meats from a butcher, it is great for storing several months of meals. When used properly they help you to reduce waste and lower your food bill. Chest freezers first became popular in the middle of the 20th century when refrigerators were smaller and had a tiny freezer section. The chest freezer improved your ability to reduce food waste. They became less common as refrigerator technology improved and fridge freezers grew in size. They are still economical to operate as the door is only opened perhaps once a day or even once a week.
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