• Black Ford Mixer Grinder 3 Jar 650W – MG90 – 2 Year Warranty

    Effortlessly grind, blend, and whip up culinary creations with the Black Ford Mixer Grinder. This versatile kitchen appliance comes packed with following features to make food preparation a breeze.

    • Powerful Motor: Choose from models with a 650W motor, providing ample power to handle tough ingredients and various grinding tasks.
    • Multiple Jars: Most models come with 3 stainless steel jars for wet grinding, dry grinding, and chutney making. The capacities may vary depending on the model, but typically you’ll find a large wet grinding jar, a smaller dry grinding jar, and a chutney jar.
    • Variable Speed Control: Easily adjust the grinding speed with 3 speed settings (and sometimes an incher function for quick bursts) to achieve the perfect consistency for your ingredients.
    • Safety Features: Look for overload protection to prevent the motor from overheating, and secure locking mechanisms for the jars to ensure safe operation.
    • Durable Design: The body is typically made of strong ABS plastic, and the stainless steel jars ensure long-lasting use.


  • Black Ford Onyx Steam Iron – BL-SI888

    The Black Ford Onyx steam iron is a clothes care appliance designed to make ironing easier and more efficient.

  • Black Ford Pressure Cooker 5L | 7.5L

    The Black Ford Pressure Cooker comes in two sizes: 5 liters and 7.5 liters, making it a versatile option for families of all sizes. Pressure cooking locks in flavors and nutrients while reducing cooking times by up to 70%. It also features a variety of safety features, including a pressure release valve and a lid lock.


    Black Ford Pressure Cooker 5L | 7.5L

  • Black Ford Rice Cooker 1L | 1.8L | 2.8L

    Cook perfect rice every time with the Black Ford Rice Cooker.
    This user-friendly appliance makes preparing delicious rice dishes a breeze.


    Black Ford Rice Cooker 1L | 1.8L | 2.8L

  • Black Ford Jug Kettle -1.8L

    Black Ford Jug Kettle – 1.8L

    Make boiling water for your favorite hot drinks quickly and easily with the Black Ford Jug Kettle. This kettle is ideal for families or those who enjoy frequent hot beverages thanks to its generous 1.8-liter capacity.

    Here are some of the Black Ford Jug Kettle’s key features:

    • Large 1.8-liter capacity: Boil enough water for multiple cups of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate at once.
    • Easy-to-read water level gauge: Fill the kettle to your desired level without any guesswork.
    • Automatic shut-off: Enjoy peace of mind knowing the kettle will automatically shut off once the water reaches boiling temperature, preventing overheating and boil-overs.
    • Concealed heating element: This allows for faster boiling and easier cleaning, as there’s no exposed element to clean around.
    • Stylish design: The Black Ford Jug Kettle looks great on any kitchen counter with its sleek design.
    • 6 months Warranty

    Black Ford Jug Kettle -1.8L

  • Black Ford Wall Fan BL- WF50

    The Black Ford BL-WF50 is a wall-mounted fan featuring:

    • 16-inch diameter: This size is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.
    • 5 blades: These blades should provide good airflow circulation.
    • 4-speed settings: You can adjust the airflow from low to high depending on your needs.
    • Heavy-duty motor: This might indicate the fan is designed for durability and consistent performance.

    Black Ford Wall Fan BL- WF50

  • Black Ford Pedestal Fan With Timer | Stand Fan BL-SF91

    Black Ford Stand Fan BL-SF91 | Pedestal Fan With Timer

    • Brand-Black Ford
    • Model-BL-SF91
    • 16′ Inch
    • 5 Blades
    • 60 Minute Timmer
    • 4 Speed
    1 Year Brand Warranty

    What’s in the box :

    1 X Black Ford Stand Fan-SF91
  • Black Ford Gas Cooker-1BR

    Black Ford Gas Cooker-1BR (BLGC81/80)

    • Brand-Black Ford
    • Single Burner Gas Cooker
    • Model-BLGC81/80Nonstick
    • One Year Kawashi Company Warranty

    Black Ford one Burner Cooker is energy saving, auto igniting gas cooker. The automatic ignition system prevents high energy consumption and the ergonomic gas controls ensure safety during cooking. The Stainless Steel body of the Kawashi one burner not only adds elegance to your kitchen but is also durable and long lasting. And it is also black in colour which gives a very good look.



    Black Ford Gas Cooker-1BR

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