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All Types Of Cakes

All Types Of Cakes

Each and every one of our cakes are made with finest ingredients and the ultimate attention to detail whether you are choosing a wedding cake or a celebration cake or any other types of cakes.

We pride ourselves on using only the freshest of ingredients, real butter, real eggs and fresh cream.

Our products are hand made and decorated to perfection and we are confident they are some of the best tasting cakes and desserts in Sri Lanka. We dare you to try them, you wont be disappointed!

Our range of cakes includes birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cake structures, anniversary cakes, wedding cake pieces, cup cakes, novelty cakes, Christmas cakes and cakes for any other occasions.

If you need to customize our cakes with less or more weight, colors, design changes or require us to do a new one for you, send us a message or email with your requirement. So that we will be able to contact you and proceed with your order.

$18.00  (Rs.3,420.00)

$34.34  (Rs.6,524.60)

$24.33  (Rs.4,622.70)

$24.12  (Rs.4,582.80)

$23.05  (Rs.4,379.50)

$21.74  (Rs.4,130.60)

$15.27  (Rs.2,901.30)

$22.25  (Rs.4,227.50)

$24.28  (Rs.4,613.20)

$24.28  (Rs.4,613.20)