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3 x Protinex Life Milk Powder Chocolate 400G

3 x Protinex Life Milk Powder Chocolate 400G
[Milk Powder]

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3 x Protinex Life Milk Powder Chocolate 400G

Protinex Life is a Soy Based balanced nutrition supplement that specially designed to provide optimum nutrition for Cardiac Patients, Vegetarians and people who are intolerance to Cow milk due to Lactose or other ingredients present.



- Soy protein isolate, Sodium Caseinate, CMC sodium, Maltodextrin, Vitamins, Minerals, Sucrose, Butterscotch flavor and Vanilla flavor



1. Add 4 heaped scoops (scoop provided) of Protinex Life powder

2. Add little amount of lukewarm water and stir well until it become smooth paste.

3. Top up with hot or cold water up to 250 ml.



400g Nutritional powder in vanilla and chocolate flavor

Protinex Life is for

-  During recovery from illness (Convalescence period)

-  Post-surgical patients who need extra calorie and Protein

-  Individuals suffers from Lactose intolerance and as a Replacement for Cow milk

-  Elderly individuals as a Geriatric nutrition supplement

-  Heart Patients and as a nutrition supplement for individuals with high blood cholesterol


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