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3 x Diasure Milk Powder Diabetic 400g

3 x Diasure Milk Powder Diabetic 400g
[Milk Powder]

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3 x Diasure Milk Powder Diabetic 400g

Diasure Diabetic is a nutritionally balanced supplement developed to meet the specific nutritional needs of individuals. Diasure Diabetic can be used as an oral supplement or as a sole source of nutrition when individuals are to be tube-fed. Diasure Diabetic is a scientifically developed formula using a carefully selected blend of macro and micronutrients that may help improve the nutritional wellbeing of individuals and thereby contributing to overall health.


What makes Diasure Diabetic a superior diabetic supplement?

-  Diasure Diabetic has the Lowest Glycemic (i.e., 17) Index among diabetic nutrition solutions in Sri Lanka

-  Glycemic Load* = 2.4

-  Rich in Fiber - 16g /1000kcal

-  Soluble fiber profile – FOS

-  High Calcium - 1000mg / 100g

-  Contains Heart-healthy fats and strong Antioxidants

-  Enriched with Alpha Lipoic Acid, Taurine & Inositol

-  Contains Zn, Se, Cr




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